Bol Apartmani PANDA

Bol is a town on the south of the island of Bra─Ź in the Split-Dalmatia of Croatia. Bol is world known for its most popular beach, the Zlatni rat ("Golden cape"). It is a promontory composed mostly of pebble rock that visibly shifts with the tidal movement, a unique sight. The sea  at Zlatni rat and, indeed, the entire area is quite crystalline (and somewhat colder than usual) due to strong   

current of the strait it is situated in. On a still  day the  stones on the sea-floor that are 10 meters down look only an  arm's length away, and there

are spectacular pine trees that grow down the  middle of Zlatni rat (there is a beach on either side of the horn). Bol itself  is a very popular tourist destination and has a number of harbourside bars,  restaurants. and tourist leaving facilities. Family Marinkovic who  owned Apartments PANDA will warm welcome  you in their facilities. Apartments PANDA are located on quiet part of Bol and nearest beach is 3 minutes away.

House Marinkovic

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